Sunday, November 15, 2009

Volunteers from Oak Hill in Pontotoc, MS and Surrounding Communities

This wonderful group of volunteers are our regular attenders who understand God's plan and purpose here on the
Gulf Coast. It is still very much ongoing, God's work, and we are so thankful that this awesome dedicated gathering of servants not only understands the mission, but is willing to participate and help carry it out!

The group led a tremendous effort to blitz the Bayside area with love, care and fliers telling of the event that evening. A wonderful concert held by the Fishers of Men singing group from north MS. Plenty of fellowship and food preceded the concert and many new people came to the event. Many lives were touched and changed forever.

A giant new pavillion in back of the Bayside church was used for the first time with this event, making the pastor and the man who donated it to God's service, very excited and encouraged that more would follow. In fact, not only were the members of Bayside encouraged by this mission group, so were we here at Power of Prayer Ministries.

The group also helped correct some maintenance issues we were having at the camp itself. We are ever so grateful for this help that keeps our camp up and running.

We thank you and look forward to your next return.