Saturday, June 18, 2011


These nice folks, plus two sisters (not pictured), were first time visitors to Power of Prayer Ministries. We are so grateful to them that in spite of the recent happenings, they still came. Many people near them and around the nation have been devastated this year with floods, fire and tornadoes. We well know what it is like to be in the first stages of devastation and nearly everything depends on volunteers.

We also know that after 6 years one would think, if you are not from here, that things should be back to "normal" or as normal as it can be when in reality it will never be the same. But, there are so many people still in need and businesses are still not back. So many people are assuming all is well. I think if you ask the group from Fouke about that, they will testify there is so much more that needs to be done.

So, they were able to accomplish much this week for many. For one family, whose home was washed out to sea and the aunt's home they purchased to repair to live in (over 20 feet of water damage), it has been a long and arduous process taking a huge toll on the family. With each group they are so grateful for the help and it gives them hope and encouragement that maybe, just maybe they will finish the house one day. These servants completed installing insulation throughout the home and began sheetrock installation.

Then another team from the church worked at our local distribution center, which is an ongoing ministry here that serves all of the people of the Bay / Gulf Coast region. They are always in need of help since Katrina as so many of the local people have been left with very little. The group helped organize clothes, food and miscellaneous items to be distributed.

Thanks once again to the people of Fouke (remember they host Big Foot in their creek and surrounding woods - and to think - I was warning them about our alligators and Bob cats!!). God bless you all and we hope you can serve here in this area again some day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Westview Baptist Church and The Carpenters for Christ, Opp, AL

You know the evidence that there is indeed a God in heaven (Jesus is His name), Who looks down on His creation and loves them enough to send His own to show that love and concern. Such is the case of all who come as volunteers in His name. And such is the case of these wonderful men who love to serve Him by caring for total strangers!!

So touched are they by God, they continue to come and minister in this area almost 6 years after the storm that changed our lives here in Waveland forever. And we thank Him and we thank them!

Once again, the group was able to help many families. On one house they were able to add sheeting around the perimeter of the house and to the interior walls as extra protection in case of another hurricane! With another family they were able to help with electrical work, plumbing and framing of inside walls. They also restructured a stairway for a family and cut down a damaged tree for another. Ministry comes in many forms!

The group also had a prayer team. Two wonderful men who simply wanted to share Jesus' love and pray with those who welcomed them. So many people shared afterward they were very touched and happy to have them come visit and talk/pray to show their concern for them. One elderly woman had just lost her husband this week and needed that love and prayer so desperately. She was so appreciative as it came at just the right time!

We look forward to the continuing ministry of Westview and the Carpenters for Christ to come anytime they can.

Friday, March 11, 2011

First Baptist Church of Vidor, TX

This was the first time volunteering here at Power of Prayer for this wonderful group of men both young and not so young! And it is also the first time anyone from Texas has come to our camp. We were very excited that they came. The group obviously had a really joyous time as they served our Lord Jesus. And we could tell by the "Texas" sized pots they cooked in outside they enjoyed their meals together!!

They were able to help two families this week. In the
first family, the house was flooded with 12 feet of water but the structure was still there. It has taken 5 years for this family to rebuild and before December of this past year, no volunteers have helped them. So we are overjoyed that God miraculously planned that meeting between us to begin our help to them. The one thing we have so enjoyed in this ministry since it began is to watch God in control. And when we get in the way as we so often do trying to do things in our own simple thinking, He wonderfully corrects and redirects us in the proper path - HIS!!

So the Vidor church went out in His name and this family got the help they needed to complete the new
electrical wiring for the house and some framing and carpenter work in other areas. The other family home was completely destroyed and the new home is in need of everything. The group helped with various projects inside the home to get them really close to being finished. Both of the families are very grateful for the hard work these men performed and were also so thankful that they spent their time off for their spring break to do it. Servants of the Lord Jesus - there are no greater people!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Although some of the people pictured here have been coming to the coast since Katrina helping with the rebuilding, this is the first trip for this group to our camp and we welcome them. We are grateful that after 5 1/2 years God is still speaking to people about our continued need here on the gulf coast of MS.

This week was a wonderful example of how God works to show us He is in control when we let Him and His way is the perfect way!! All of our best laid plans were thrown out and He took over. Of course, all of the group were very happy indeed with what He did this week.

They had the pleasure of helping two families get further along on the rebuilding of their homes by building staircases, electrical wiring and rewiring and many other various construction projects. The families were so grateful to be blessed by God by having these wonderful people come and give of their time, money and care to them this week.

The ladies had their hands full helping organize "the shed" at our local distribution center. It has been closed for a couple of months waiting for the final inspection of their new facility. Some of the men of the group were able to give a few hours to help them to reopen by completing some of the tasks needed to be done.

The Ewing church indicated how blessed they were by serving God this week and took away as much or more than they gave. And it is critical that they were able to see first hand that we do indeed have much more work to do not only to evangelize but also in the rebuilding process. We look forward to working with them again some day.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Westview Baptist Church, Opp, AL

This group of volunteers came to serve for the weekend and helped in many areas. They also came to see what help they may be for future trips and to meet some of the residents of the area and hear their stories. Getting to meet the people personally and seeing the needs first hand helps to understand the importance of the ministry to the area that is ongoing.

The group helped with little chores like moving boxes out of an attic crawl space to helping a resident rebuild his home destroyed in the storm and helping in our local distribution center. There are many ministry opportunities to serve the Lord if one is willing. We thank the Westview mission team and the Carpenters for Christ for their service to the people of the Gulf Coast of MS.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Faith and Mercy Missions

We've lost count on how many trips to south MS this group has made since Katrina. Their ministry is certainly Spirit-led as they have a deep and abiding love for the people of Waveland and Bay St. Louis.

This time their ministry was a bit different and continues to grow. They had a day camp at the community of Bayside on Saturday and at least 60 youth attended. 20 gave their lives to Christ!! And the Lord blessed mightily with great weather, food, fun and serious life issues.

They held a sports, music and Bible camp during the day and in the evening they had singing and a dramatic real life situation skit, then a short message by their pastor under the tent.

The area children love this group and were asking when they were coming back! Thank you to this mission group for having a desire to serve in this area. We look forward to your next trip!!

Thank you also for the many trips you have made lately bringing food, clothes and supplies to the people of the Hancock County Gulf Coast communities. It has made a huge difference in the lives of the people here and all are so grateful!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Special Prayer Request

We are asking for prayer for Marguerite, Linda's mom, as she prepares to enter into rest with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She has certainly lived a wonderfully long and faithful life to His service and as she enters into her last days we pray for passing with ease into His presence. Pray that family relationships will heal during this time before her passing as her time of grief has been long and hard. We thank you for the kindness shown to her during your visits. And we thank you for your prayers for her and our family during this time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Youth Build, Atlanta, GA

This is the second visit for Youth Build to our camp. We are grateful they have chosen this area in which to train their group for a combination of hard work and missions for the Lord's service.

This week was spent working with an area church in their service to the residents of the Gulf Coast.

Some in the group also were kind enough to help us with our ongoing "tree house" project. We were installing insulation when they offered to help us complete our mission! We are so thankful to them for this days work and we were able to complete the task. We are sure God will use this special house for His glory as He has already revealed to us some of the many ways He will!! Wow - who knew?!

Thank you Youth Build for serving here on the Gulf Coast of MS. We look forward to your return!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Ringgold, GA

This was the 10th trip for Poplar Springs!! Their visits lift our spirits and give us encouragement. Each of the families they have made lasting relationships with have expressed just how much their presence means to all of us. We are surely blessed to have them on board to serve in this area.

The church gathered many items of used clothing and supplies and brought them down to our
distribution center for the Hancock county gulf coast area, one of the poorest areas in the poorest state in the US! Literally everything that is donated can be used by the people and we are so grateful for all of the effort it takes to gather these things and bring them here.

One group from the church helped the distribution center this week by unpacking the items they brought and organizing them in the tents. They also helped organize another storage unit that has winter clothes and other miscellaneous items now ready for distribution to the needy.

Another group helped "Mercy House" get closer to completion by painting the ceiling in the bottom floor area that will be used for the supplies and distribution once it is complete.

Other areas of service included helping our area elderly with various chores that were impossible for them to do. They also visited and spent some quality time with some of our residents.

And, of course, one of their ministries that is so appreciated by the families here is the great nightly feasts and fellowship times that are served up with love, care and good food!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Greetings 5 Years After Katrina: August 29, 2010, Blessings

A years worth of hard work on a new dream home - all lost. All tools, supplies, materials, every bit of paper work, certificates or memorabilia that indicated that we were in business for 35 years - gone. 85 years of anything belonging to my newly widowed mother including her home - gone. And over 100 years of buildings and family "treasures" stored in them that could never be replaced - gone. Family and friends - devastated as well. You could say all was lost.

As for Waveland and surrounding areas, we have a long way to go to be restored. And it will never be restored the way it was. We are still somewhat devastated. Our main shopping areas have not been rebuilt and the buildings remain gutted. We had at least 4 grocery stores before the storm and still there is only one. There is no bowling alley, skating rink, nor movie theater and shopping of any kind is very limited. Our roads are completely torn up with so many pot holes they have ruined our shocks on our cars and everything else in it rattles. We still are waiting for new sewer lines and water lines to be installed and the pipes lay everywhere along the roads so the grass cannot be cut. People just left their homes or land where homes were and the grass and trees are out of control. All in all it is pretty ugly and nothing like the beautiful little seacoast town it once was.

The area has 5000 families still without housing. And a recent poll showed that more than 30% of the people on the coast are either stressed or very depressed. And now enter the BP oil spill. Dead fish, sea turtles, dolphins and other sea life washed up on shore along with birds covered in oil all over the news. All fish and seafood suspect for contaminants contrary to what they tell us. And so many people out of work with the recession and the oil spill. They are asking, what next? They cannot take anymore. An area that was not fully recovered from one storm - hit again.

But if anyone had told us on August 29th that that hurricane would turn out to be one of the greatest blessings of our lives - well, we would have been very skeptical to say the least. Now the Lord did hint at it right after the storm in some of the scriptures that He gave us in Jeremiah 29-33rd chapters, but He also wanted to surprise us. Isn't that just like Him! He takes our tragedies, our sorrows, our "storms" and turns them into pure joy. Miracles. Wonders. Blessings. Awe. That's what the past 5 years have been watching Him at work. And we wouldn't trade it or go back to life before the way it was for anything. We are so grateful for being able to take this ride on the wings of our Lord.

And it isn't over. No. God is still working. He isn't through with Waveland yet. And we are so thankful that we are a small part of what He is doing. We are fully ready to be used by Him to continue the work still left to be done. Are you?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Faith and Mercy Missions, North East, MS

An awesome and very touching sight was that which happened this past weekend. This group came after work on Friday down from north Mississippi to fulfill a mission impossible - but not with God. In less than 3 weeks of hearing of our dire need down here for food, clothes, furniture and miscellaneous household goods they filled not one but two 16 foot trailers to overflowing.

God has put us together with our local distribution center run by Lakeshore Baptist Church which serves about 500 local families. Recently, with the recession and then the oil spill, the center had run seriously low on any type of supplies, especially food. We put out the word to any groups we knew of who are coming down to help if they could. The response has been awesome and we are so grateful for all of the food and supplies. We surely did not expect to see the two trailer loads of goods filled to capacity with so little time in which to fill them.

The local newspaper, The Pontotoc Progress, helped spread the word to the people of North East MS. A collection center was set up at a local church, By Faith, and people brought goods and supplies until the day the group was leaving. No one expected that two trailers would be filled! One trailer was filled with food and clothes. There was a dire need for men's and children's clothing and the people supplied!

When the trailers were being unloaded the center's director, Ms. Bea, could hardly believe it! The center has operated the Quonset hut distribution tents since Hurricane Katrina. The group spent the entire morning emptying the boxes and bags of food and clothes into one tent and the furniture from the other trailer into the next tent. Then they organized all of the food out of the boxes and onto the bare shelves. They also organized and distributed all of the clothes by size onto the clothing areas. It was wonderful to see the shelves full.

While the group was unloading Ms. Bea contacted one of the families who was in dire need. They had just moved out of their 10 X 12 foot shed into their new 900 square foot home built by the center. They had no furniture and they were sleeping on the floor and sitting on buckets for chairs. The family came to the center and began to cry when they were told they could have one of the table and chair sets the group brought down and also a bed! Well, this began quite a large cry party among the group, real tears of joy brought down by God Himself!

What joy it is to see all of the wonderful blessings the Lord has in store for those who serve Him.


For anyone interested in helping the distribution center you may contact us at 228-206-4660.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Westview Baptist Church and the Carpenters for Christ, Opp, AL

This was the first time Power of Prayer Ministries has been blessed to have with us the Carpenters for Christ and the Westview Baptist Church. We were personally blessed and the area was as well by their dual ministries and multiple skills.

Some in the group love to meet the area people and to minister by talking to them about their needs and praying with them sharing what Jesus can do in their lives. Since this area is in such dire need at this time, we are so grateful that we still have people coming who care for us that much.

The VBS (Vacation Bible School) children from Westview collected a large sum of money as did others from the church for food for our local distribution center at Lakeshore Baptist Church. Many large cases of baby food were also donated. Two young men from the group went to deliver and helped stock the empty shelves. When presented with the check for food the center leader, Mrs. Bea, was very taken away by God's goodness at a time when it was so desperately needed. God is awesome and He provides for our every need at just the right time!!

Others in the group performed many various jobs. One group worked for a nearby neighbor who was just recovering from the storm and lost his oyster business in the oil spill. They were able to finish texturing sheet rock on the walls and ceilings. Then they primed and painted all of the rooms, cut, painted and hung crown molding throughout the house and completed painting the exterior of the home.

Another group of men worked to install hardi-plank siding to a nearby home. The owner stated it would have taken him 2 years to do the amount of work that they completed!! He was very grateful for this valuable help.

Then another wonderful job the group performed was one which we doubt they ever dreamed they would do on a mission trip. They helped us complete the siding and helped us close in our grandson's tree house!! Now that is servant hood!! A personal project that we have been trying to complete for a long time, it is finally done thanks to you wonderful Carpenters for Christ. And thank you, Lord.

Then we can never forget the ones who serve in the kitchen. This time an all men group who had all men cooking and cleaning as well. We could tell the men were fed well by the looks of the wonderful food served. This is such an awesome ministry that not everyone can do; to take care of 20 plus hungry men who are working in 100 degree heat.

We look forward to serving with you again someday.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chickamauga Baptist Church Chickamauga, GA

This wonderful group of volunteers from Georgia are not new to P.O.P. or the Gulf Coast of MS. They have been coming since Katrina helping many, many families rebuild their homes and lives.

What an extraordinary time of learning flexibility and patience while finding out exactly what God's plan was for the work week! All of our best laid plans were not what He had in mind. So after doors were shut tight in two different places with two different ministry goals, the servants proceeded with what they were led by God to do.

This mission team also divided up into three major groups. One of the groups performed construction skills working to complete sheetrock work on a home whose owner recently lost his job of oyster harvesting due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf. They also painted his home on the exterior. Both jobs were beautiful and the homeowner is thrilled to have this work done.

The evangelism team went to Dunbar Village, an assisted living facility where they had an amazing time of fun and fellowship with the very appreciative elderly people at the home. They played games and sang songs with the residents who had a wonderful time with them and especially the young people. They also had a very blessed time of visiting the shut
-ins in their rooms. After the fourth day, the center was so grateful for all of the attention given the residents that they returned the blessing by fixing the group desert and refreshments. Awesome!

This team also mowed and cleaned a yard for one of our elderly neighbors. She really was thankful for this help.

Another interesting thing that this team did was divide their youth into three groups at Wal-Mart to purchase groceries for the Lakeshore Baptist Distribution Center. They made a contest out of it giving each group money and ideas for food. They had fun while serving in this much needed ministry. They delivered all of the food, plus more food they had collected from their church members before they came. They also helped the center organize it on the empty shelves. Then they helped sort winter and summer clothes. The center feeds over 250 families weekly and the number is growing due to the economy and the oil spill.

The third ministry was, of course, the food. Feeding the church groups three meals a day is not an easy task and two of the ladies on the mission team were happy to perform this necessity. They also had a Wednesday night dinner for the people whose homes they worked on this time and in the past. It was an awesome time of great food, fun and fellowship where we shared our experiences of Katrina.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Northbrook Baptist Church Boiling Springs, SC

This versatile group from South Carolina had a very busy week in the Bay/Waveland area.

The mission team was divided into three groups. One of the groups was the construction group who sub-divided into two groups and worked on several homes in the area. They worked on electrical, plumbing and sheetrock mostly, but also performed various other tasks for other families. As a group they were able to help one particular family who is still living in a shed to get further along in the process of rebuilding and provide for their needs by purchasing many household fixtures. Everyone was grateful for their week of labor, care, love and service they provided.

Another group was the evangelism team. They were also divided into sub-groups to be able to perform many tasks. They held a VBS type kids camp in the morning where they had at least 30-35 kids attend. Many of the children were provided transportation and picked up on either a church bus or a church van. The children were so excited to be able to attend the camp that taught them about JESUS.

In the afternoon, the youth in the group held a sports camp for the older children where over 30 teens attended daily. There were many sports including water sports offered and so appreciated by the youth as it was one of our hottest June weeks. They also were provided opportunities to learn about JESUS.

And then in the evenings, their pastor held a revival on the same property giving everyone in the community the opportunity to hear more about JESUS. All in all anyone living in this community, kids and adults alike, had many chances to learn of the saving grace of our Lord and approximately 12 people came to know Him!

The other group was the cooking team. Wonderful ladies who served up luscious meals everyday for the 43 people in the group. Everyone working together well organized helped to make this a great mission week with many people being shown the love of JESUS.

Also, this group brought a truck load of food items for our local food pantry that helps to feed 250 families weekly

Friday, May 28, 2010

Youth Build, Atlanta, GA, May 28, 2010

This wonderful group of YouthBuild students and their leaders came to the camp willing to take on any project where the need was greatest. It was the first time for most in the group to come to MS. We really thought at this time we would be asking their services to de-oil birds and clean up the beach. But thankfully that hasn't happened as yet so they were able to help in various different projects this time.

One of the projects they worked diligently on this week was reinstalling a long section of a wooden fence for neighbors of the camp. Portions of the fence actually floated on to our property with Katrina while the rest fell. The owners propped up the fence all these years and put it on a to-do list with all of the other storm damaged items. With yet another hurricane season quickly approaching they really were very grateful that the group was able to completely rebuild the fence with much sturdier posts and concrete. It was quite an undertaking, but they finished it and it is even better than before the storm!

Another project that was completed and for which we are very grateful was the cleaning of our future storage slab. It was heavily loaded with an array of items collected since the storm. One was an entire pecan tree that was a victim of the storm that was cut into huge pieces and stored on the slab. The remains of an older green house, and various other trash was loaded onto a pickup truck and 3 loads of trash went to the dump. We are so very thankful for the help to clean up the slab and yard of trash, much of it leftover from Katrina. It's hard to believe after almost 5 years there is still debris, sad but true.

The group also went to the Lakeshore Baptist church distribution center to help with the sorting of winter and summer clothes. The center is still very active in the distribution of food and clothes and is at this time in dire need of food. So many people who were victims of Katrina now find themselves victims of the oil spill and are very needy.

The group was able to see first hand the extreme need by visiting this church and touring the area. They have stated they are committed to coming again in the fall to help once again. We will surely welcome them back!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Faith and Mercy Missions, Northeast, MS

F & M Missions came for their annual spring visit with two purposes in mind. One was to plan their annual fall trip in which they minister to the Bayside community. The other was to have a camp "care" mission. And oh did they take care of our camp and the grounds!!

Much was accomplished by these 30 wonderful missionaries in just 2 days. Unbelievable!

One of the goals of the group has been to help us in our upkeep of our camp by making repairs and updates to the facility itself. They gutted one side of our bunkhouse and painted the entire room, added new carpet that they donated and brought with them, then added new vinyl baseboards. This not only updated the room and made it seem so much brighter and bigger, but also added comfort for the many people yet to come on missions or retreats in the future!! Beautiful.

They also donated and brought with them new and much needed foam mattresses for all of our bunk beds. After 4 1/2 years of use by thousands, the new beds will bring great restful sleep after all of the hard work in which our volunteers are involved. Awesome.

Also to update our shower house dressing rooms, 4 fantastic new benches were built by one of the men in the group gifted and handy with wood. Each has a handy shelf underneath and a cushy vinyl seat on top! Our volunteers are going to love this addition!! Fabulous.

We are also very grateful for the electrical system that was run from the shower house into our greenhouse. An all day project headed up by another man gifted in electrical skills. This will afford us many different ways to heat and fan our plants. Terrific.

Another project that was completed that is invaluable to us was the extension of our lean to on the side of the camp. Everything was removed (and there was a lot of junk as well as good stuff) and everything was then organized on shelving newly built by yet others talented in this field!! Wow! It doesn't look like the same place. Looks like one of those reality shows came and had a complete remake. Now everything is neat and tidy and we can actually find things! And there is room for more stuff! Spectacular.

The sidewalks leading to our camp from the parking lot and the one leading from our camp to the shower house got a complete face lift by gardening experts! They weeded, remulched and weed eated the entire walkway. It is beautiful. They also changed our batteries on our solar lights and we once again have lighted pathways at night. It is amazing.

Other hard work was done believe it or not. One thing was the running of a water line from the front end of our garden to our mayhaw trees and also to the muscadines. Pipes were laid and facets were installed. Also, limestone was hauled from a large pile by the camp to the sides and back of the camp for water run off. They cut grass and weed-eated many other areas. Fixed our outdoor security light. And a very talented young man with a tractor leveled ground on the side of the camp! Remarkable.

Added to all of this, the group had a great cook off where one of the men in their group who is mighty talented in cooking, cooked steaks and fixin's and invited others to join us in a great time of food, fun and fellowship even though the weather turned really nasty and rainy. But, he was able to use his pit under the newly remodeled lean to! Yummy.

And to end the trip we had a wonderful Sunday morning service in the camp where the Word was preached by their pastor Scott who had brought his beautiful wife and three lovely children with him. Thank you Lord for this unbelievable time. We look forward to the next trip!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meadowood Baptist Church, Amory, MS

This group of 28 came and stayed at our camp and went to work in downtown New Orleans which is just a short drive from here. The groups Youth Minister had been here twice before with another church and brought his young people down to help out with disaster relief.

This time they were coming to work in Covenant House where the young ladies volunteered their time working with the children in the day care.
The guys went to work at Bethal Colony South where they painted and helped with the construction of a new womans facility. They also helped hand out fliers for "Hands-On" day in New Orleans.

One of the things they enjoyed most was feeding the homeless and being able to fellowship and eat with them as they ministered. It was a most humbling and fulfilling experience to be sure.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, Power of Prayer Ministries is now entering into it's 5th year of ministry!! We can hardly believe it. And after a pause in volunteers over the harsh winter months that we have all suffered through, we are now moving forward with our work. Many groups have expressed interest in continuing the work here and we have had several groups who have booked in spring and summer.

We have helped in the beginning construction of a new home from ground up in Waveland. Another amazing "God" story. We are excited to see God's work in this family. We are also excited to see what He has in store for us in this coming year. We invite anyone interested to contact us and see what God can do in and through you as you serve Him here on the Gulf Coast of MS. Remember that this area is 86% unchurched - what an awesome mission field in which to serve.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas and a very Happy New Year

We here at Power of Prayer Ministries would like to thank everyone who has helped support our ministry in the past years since the hurricane. We could not have continued without your care, prayers, and financial support. As we come to the end of 2009, we are so grateful for the awesome miracles of the past 4 years that God has shown to us.

God is still working in the area of ministry with the area people whose homes and hearts have been opened up and have continued to grow due to the outpouring of love shown by the continued faithfulness of God's servants coming here and sacrificing their time and money.

Please pray with us for the coming year as we seek God's guidance in continuing the work He put into place here on August 29, 2005.

Have a very joyous Christmas as you celebrate our Savior's birth!

Dave, Linda, Monica, Brandon and Marguerite

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Volunteers from Oak Hill in Pontotoc, MS and Surrounding Communities

This wonderful group of volunteers are our regular attenders who understand God's plan and purpose here on the
Gulf Coast. It is still very much ongoing, God's work, and we are so thankful that this awesome dedicated gathering of servants not only understands the mission, but is willing to participate and help carry it out!

The group led a tremendous effort to blitz the Bayside area with love, care and fliers telling of the event that evening. A wonderful concert held by the Fishers of Men singing group from north MS. Plenty of fellowship and food preceded the concert and many new people came to the event. Many lives were touched and changed forever.

A giant new pavillion in back of the Bayside church was used for the first time with this event, making the pastor and the man who donated it to God's service, very excited and encouraged that more would follow. In fact, not only were the members of Bayside encouraged by this mission group, so were we here at Power of Prayer Ministries.

The group also helped correct some maintenance issues we were having at the camp itself. We are ever so grateful for this help that keeps our camp up and running.

We thank you and look forward to your next return.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Ringgold, Georgia, October 2009

9 members of the group above were scared away by the "swine" flu and are not pictured. One of the above photographed members came in on Saturday with a van load of people not knowing she was infected until later that night. She wound up having a mild case and was fine by the time she left. No one else contracted it so we were thankful.

Unbelievable record heat for October came this week due to tropical storm Olaf that blew in from the Pacific across Mexico and Texas and gathered up all the heat we believe was located in those two places!! The heat index soared at about 106 degrees for 3 days. Also, for one of those days torrents of rain fell that is almost always welcomed here!

A terrific attempt was made on Sunday to have a simulcast service with Poplar Springs church. We had our den set up with a large screen and webcams at both places, invited neighbors and got ready to join them in the service when the computer at the church suddenly went on the blitz not allowing us to hear or view the service. You know you are doing something right when so much goes wrong!! Swine flu, tropical storm and this!

None the less, of the group who stayed and managed to work out the situation, it turned out to be a wonderful week. The group helped us rebuild our greenhouse that was taken down in Katrina and later built as a shower house for our camp. We are very grateful that after 4 years we once again have this structure going up that will help us continue to minister to the area people by being able to share the produce grown. We had a temporary structure for the past two years that we were able to use and the much bigger new permanent one is truly a blessing.

The group also helped us clear a grown up area behind our shower house that was harboring snakes and black widow spiders, and oh, poison sumac!! Wow, what sacrifice!! They helped us relocate the contents (a lifetime collection of rocks and minerals) to a permanent location inside Brandon's playground. We are ever so blessed and grateful for this labor of love as well.

But, the most important work that was done this week was the continuing work of the Lord leading us into fellowship with those He has given us as friends in the area. Meals were held on the back porch due to the "quarantine" of the swine flu in the camp. We still had a wonderful time of caring and sharing despite the heat and the bugs.

We didn't get a chance to say it on the webcam on Sunday, but Poplar Springs we want you to know we are ever so grateful for the commitment your church has in supporting us in your prayers, your love and devotion to coming here and continuing the work God has brought before us with Hurricane Katrina. We certainly pray it continues for as long as He desires.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oak Grove Church, Drasco, Arkansas, August 2009

This was Oak Grove Youth Group's first visit to Power of Prayer Ministries and it was their first trip to the Gulf Coast. They really didn't know what to expect, knowing it was 4 years since Katrina.

Much to their surprise there is still much destruction as Waveland was center of ground zero of the storm. Trees are still left standing dead in their places by the thousands. Slabs still remain where houses once stood. And for the most part land is empty of residents who decided not to return leaving ugly overgrown shrubs and weeds where there once were beautiful manicured lawns. Our streets are still torn up from all of the heavy equipment and pot holes are tearing up our vehicles daily little by little. Our beach is also being reworked and much of it is torn up right now as well. So all in all, Waveland is still not a very desirable place.

But what is here are the lonely, the oppressed, the depressed and the lost. A mission-minded person's paradise. And this week, that's just what these young people were interested in doing, administering God's love, grace, mercy, and hope. They did this through loving acts of kindness shown by mowing, moving, cleaning, planting, painting and staining.

They also performed an amazing skit at Davis grocery in the Bayside community. They all sang and played praise music on the "cement stage" where they also painted 5 beautiful paintings depicting Jesus death on the cross for our sins. Make sure to check out the pictures on Flicker! They rented 2 large spacewalks, one obstacle course and one jumper with obstacles inside. The children from the community enjoyed these as well.

Thank you to Oak Grove Church. We hope to see you again some day.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Ringgold, GA, July 2009

Thank you Poplar Springs for this visit. As always seeking to do God's will. And we know God has surely blessed this week.

We see it in our community and in our own families. People searching, seeking, floundering, unsure of what they really want and what their real purpose in life might be. Looking for fulfillment in life by seeking things, pleasure, security, or other people to fill the void in their lives and give them the contentment and satisfaction they so long for. They are missing the very essence of life. What they are missing is JESUS.

Together with God's disciples that is the message we are striving to share with the world. Sharing the gospel message is what we as Jesus' disciples have been called to do; ministering together in the cause of Christ. That was what this week was about.

We thank these two families who came and served and we look forward to October and the church's next visit.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


As you scroll across the pictures of the beautiful little faces of the children who were recipients of this wonderful groups efforts to have Backyard Bible Club in the extreme heat of this particular June, you can surely see God at work. I can't remember a June this hot and yet these wonderful servants brazed the heat each day to do His work with some of His most treasured, the children. And we say this with the utmost respect, not all of His workers were young, most were of good age. Which goes to show, whether young or old, all can be used of God if we are willing no matter what the circumstances!!

The others in the group, the highly skilled men and women of the construction type, were used by God with their talents and gifts in this area. So much work was done in one short week it was once again simply amazing what God can do.

Some of the work included working in a local church installing ceramic tile flooring. Installing insulation and sheetrock in the home of one of our Waveland residents whose home was completely washed away in the storm. Two of the men came back a couple of weeks later to complete the sheetrock finishing. The care shown was completely mind boggling to our resident who is ecstatic about the work that was done.

The group also helped another family who they had met the year after the storm while here working with Samaritan's Purse organization. The wife came to the camp and gave her story of what happened to she and her husband in the midst of Katrina as they both stayed and suffered serious injury's both physically and emotionally. But with God's help they are trying to overcome both.

This was the first time FBC of Chickamauga came to work with Power of Prayer Ministries. We surely hope they make this home for mission work in the Gulf Coast of MS. Thank you so much for all of the work you have done here.