Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Ringgold, GA

This was the 10th trip for Poplar Springs!! Their visits lift our spirits and give us encouragement. Each of the families they have made lasting relationships with have expressed just how much their presence means to all of us. We are surely blessed to have them on board to serve in this area.

The church gathered many items of used clothing and supplies and brought them down to our
distribution center for the Hancock county gulf coast area, one of the poorest areas in the poorest state in the US! Literally everything that is donated can be used by the people and we are so grateful for all of the effort it takes to gather these things and bring them here.

One group from the church helped the distribution center this week by unpacking the items they brought and organizing them in the tents. They also helped organize another storage unit that has winter clothes and other miscellaneous items now ready for distribution to the needy.

Another group helped "Mercy House" get closer to completion by painting the ceiling in the bottom floor area that will be used for the supplies and distribution once it is complete.

Other areas of service included helping our area elderly with various chores that were impossible for them to do. They also visited and spent some quality time with some of our residents.

And, of course, one of their ministries that is so appreciated by the families here is the great nightly feasts and fellowship times that are served up with love, care and good food!