Friday, May 28, 2010

Youth Build, Atlanta, GA, May 28, 2010

This wonderful group of YouthBuild students and their leaders came to the camp willing to take on any project where the need was greatest. It was the first time for most in the group to come to MS. We really thought at this time we would be asking their services to de-oil birds and clean up the beach. But thankfully that hasn't happened as yet so they were able to help in various different projects this time.

One of the projects they worked diligently on this week was reinstalling a long section of a wooden fence for neighbors of the camp. Portions of the fence actually floated on to our property with Katrina while the rest fell. The owners propped up the fence all these years and put it on a to-do list with all of the other storm damaged items. With yet another hurricane season quickly approaching they really were very grateful that the group was able to completely rebuild the fence with much sturdier posts and concrete. It was quite an undertaking, but they finished it and it is even better than before the storm!

Another project that was completed and for which we are very grateful was the cleaning of our future storage slab. It was heavily loaded with an array of items collected since the storm. One was an entire pecan tree that was a victim of the storm that was cut into huge pieces and stored on the slab. The remains of an older green house, and various other trash was loaded onto a pickup truck and 3 loads of trash went to the dump. We are so very thankful for the help to clean up the slab and yard of trash, much of it leftover from Katrina. It's hard to believe after almost 5 years there is still debris, sad but true.

The group also went to the Lakeshore Baptist church distribution center to help with the sorting of winter and summer clothes. The center is still very active in the distribution of food and clothes and is at this time in dire need of food. So many people who were victims of Katrina now find themselves victims of the oil spill and are very needy.

The group was able to see first hand the extreme need by visiting this church and touring the area. They have stated they are committed to coming again in the fall to help once again. We will surely welcome them back!