Saturday, June 19, 2010

Northbrook Baptist Church Boiling Springs, SC

This versatile group from South Carolina had a very busy week in the Bay/Waveland area.

The mission team was divided into three groups. One of the groups was the construction group who sub-divided into two groups and worked on several homes in the area. They worked on electrical, plumbing and sheetrock mostly, but also performed various other tasks for other families. As a group they were able to help one particular family who is still living in a shed to get further along in the process of rebuilding and provide for their needs by purchasing many household fixtures. Everyone was grateful for their week of labor, care, love and service they provided.

Another group was the evangelism team. They were also divided into sub-groups to be able to perform many tasks. They held a VBS type kids camp in the morning where they had at least 30-35 kids attend. Many of the children were provided transportation and picked up on either a church bus or a church van. The children were so excited to be able to attend the camp that taught them about JESUS.

In the afternoon, the youth in the group held a sports camp for the older children where over 30 teens attended daily. There were many sports including water sports offered and so appreciated by the youth as it was one of our hottest June weeks. They also were provided opportunities to learn about JESUS.

And then in the evenings, their pastor held a revival on the same property giving everyone in the community the opportunity to hear more about JESUS. All in all anyone living in this community, kids and adults alike, had many chances to learn of the saving grace of our Lord and approximately 12 people came to know Him!

The other group was the cooking team. Wonderful ladies who served up luscious meals everyday for the 43 people in the group. Everyone working together well organized helped to make this a great mission week with many people being shown the love of JESUS.

Also, this group brought a truck load of food items for our local food pantry that helps to feed 250 families weekly