Saturday, July 31, 2010

Westview Baptist Church and the Carpenters for Christ, Opp, AL

This was the first time Power of Prayer Ministries has been blessed to have with us the Carpenters for Christ and the Westview Baptist Church. We were personally blessed and the area was as well by their dual ministries and multiple skills.

Some in the group love to meet the area people and to minister by talking to them about their needs and praying with them sharing what Jesus can do in their lives. Since this area is in such dire need at this time, we are so grateful that we still have people coming who care for us that much.

The VBS (Vacation Bible School) children from Westview collected a large sum of money as did others from the church for food for our local distribution center at Lakeshore Baptist Church. Many large cases of baby food were also donated. Two young men from the group went to deliver and helped stock the empty shelves. When presented with the check for food the center leader, Mrs. Bea, was very taken away by God's goodness at a time when it was so desperately needed. God is awesome and He provides for our every need at just the right time!!

Others in the group performed many various jobs. One group worked for a nearby neighbor who was just recovering from the storm and lost his oyster business in the oil spill. They were able to finish texturing sheet rock on the walls and ceilings. Then they primed and painted all of the rooms, cut, painted and hung crown molding throughout the house and completed painting the exterior of the home.

Another group of men worked to install hardi-plank siding to a nearby home. The owner stated it would have taken him 2 years to do the amount of work that they completed!! He was very grateful for this valuable help.

Then another wonderful job the group performed was one which we doubt they ever dreamed they would do on a mission trip. They helped us complete the siding and helped us close in our grandson's tree house!! Now that is servant hood!! A personal project that we have been trying to complete for a long time, it is finally done thanks to you wonderful Carpenters for Christ. And thank you, Lord.

Then we can never forget the ones who serve in the kitchen. This time an all men group who had all men cooking and cleaning as well. We could tell the men were fed well by the looks of the wonderful food served. This is such an awesome ministry that not everyone can do; to take care of 20 plus hungry men who are working in 100 degree heat.

We look forward to serving with you again someday.