Saturday, August 21, 2010

Faith and Mercy Missions, North East, MS

An awesome and very touching sight was that which happened this past weekend. This group came after work on Friday down from north Mississippi to fulfill a mission impossible - but not with God. In less than 3 weeks of hearing of our dire need down here for food, clothes, furniture and miscellaneous household goods they filled not one but two 16 foot trailers to overflowing.

God has put us together with our local distribution center run by Lakeshore Baptist Church which serves about 500 local families. Recently, with the recession and then the oil spill, the center had run seriously low on any type of supplies, especially food. We put out the word to any groups we knew of who are coming down to help if they could. The response has been awesome and we are so grateful for all of the food and supplies. We surely did not expect to see the two trailer loads of goods filled to capacity with so little time in which to fill them.

The local newspaper, The Pontotoc Progress, helped spread the word to the people of North East MS. A collection center was set up at a local church, By Faith, and people brought goods and supplies until the day the group was leaving. No one expected that two trailers would be filled! One trailer was filled with food and clothes. There was a dire need for men's and children's clothing and the people supplied!

When the trailers were being unloaded the center's director, Ms. Bea, could hardly believe it! The center has operated the Quonset hut distribution tents since Hurricane Katrina. The group spent the entire morning emptying the boxes and bags of food and clothes into one tent and the furniture from the other trailer into the next tent. Then they organized all of the food out of the boxes and onto the bare shelves. They also organized and distributed all of the clothes by size onto the clothing areas. It was wonderful to see the shelves full.

While the group was unloading Ms. Bea contacted one of the families who was in dire need. They had just moved out of their 10 X 12 foot shed into their new 900 square foot home built by the center. They had no furniture and they were sleeping on the floor and sitting on buckets for chairs. The family came to the center and began to cry when they were told they could have one of the table and chair sets the group brought down and also a bed! Well, this began quite a large cry party among the group, real tears of joy brought down by God Himself!

What joy it is to see all of the wonderful blessings the Lord has in store for those who serve Him.


For anyone interested in helping the distribution center you may contact us at 228-206-4660.