Friday, February 11, 2011


Although some of the people pictured here have been coming to the coast since Katrina helping with the rebuilding, this is the first trip for this group to our camp and we welcome them. We are grateful that after 5 1/2 years God is still speaking to people about our continued need here on the gulf coast of MS.

This week was a wonderful example of how God works to show us He is in control when we let Him and His way is the perfect way!! All of our best laid plans were thrown out and He took over. Of course, all of the group were very happy indeed with what He did this week.

They had the pleasure of helping two families get further along on the rebuilding of their homes by building staircases, electrical wiring and rewiring and many other various construction projects. The families were so grateful to be blessed by God by having these wonderful people come and give of their time, money and care to them this week.

The ladies had their hands full helping organize "the shed" at our local distribution center. It has been closed for a couple of months waiting for the final inspection of their new facility. Some of the men of the group were able to give a few hours to help them to reopen by completing some of the tasks needed to be done.

The Ewing church indicated how blessed they were by serving God this week and took away as much or more than they gave. And it is critical that they were able to see first hand that we do indeed have much more work to do not only to evangelize but also in the rebuilding process. We look forward to working with them again some day.