Friday, March 11, 2011

First Baptist Church of Vidor, TX

This was the first time volunteering here at Power of Prayer for this wonderful group of men both young and not so young! And it is also the first time anyone from Texas has come to our camp. We were very excited that they came. The group obviously had a really joyous time as they served our Lord Jesus. And we could tell by the "Texas" sized pots they cooked in outside they enjoyed their meals together!!

They were able to help two families this week. In the
first family, the house was flooded with 12 feet of water but the structure was still there. It has taken 5 years for this family to rebuild and before December of this past year, no volunteers have helped them. So we are overjoyed that God miraculously planned that meeting between us to begin our help to them. The one thing we have so enjoyed in this ministry since it began is to watch God in control. And when we get in the way as we so often do trying to do things in our own simple thinking, He wonderfully corrects and redirects us in the proper path - HIS!!

So the Vidor church went out in His name and this family got the help they needed to complete the new
electrical wiring for the house and some framing and carpenter work in other areas. The other family home was completely destroyed and the new home is in need of everything. The group helped with various projects inside the home to get them really close to being finished. Both of the families are very grateful for the hard work these men performed and were also so thankful that they spent their time off for their spring break to do it. Servants of the Lord Jesus - there are no greater people!