Saturday, June 18, 2011


These nice folks, plus two sisters (not pictured), were first time visitors to Power of Prayer Ministries. We are so grateful to them that in spite of the recent happenings, they still came. Many people near them and around the nation have been devastated this year with floods, fire and tornadoes. We well know what it is like to be in the first stages of devastation and nearly everything depends on volunteers.

We also know that after 6 years one would think, if you are not from here, that things should be back to "normal" or as normal as it can be when in reality it will never be the same. But, there are so many people still in need and businesses are still not back. So many people are assuming all is well. I think if you ask the group from Fouke about that, they will testify there is so much more that needs to be done.

So, they were able to accomplish much this week for many. For one family, whose home was washed out to sea and the aunt's home they purchased to repair to live in (over 20 feet of water damage), it has been a long and arduous process taking a huge toll on the family. With each group they are so grateful for the help and it gives them hope and encouragement that maybe, just maybe they will finish the house one day. These servants completed installing insulation throughout the home and began sheetrock installation.

Then another team from the church worked at our local distribution center, which is an ongoing ministry here that serves all of the people of the Bay / Gulf Coast region. They are always in need of help since Katrina as so many of the local people have been left with very little. The group helped organize clothes, food and miscellaneous items to be distributed.

Thanks once again to the people of Fouke (remember they host Big Foot in their creek and surrounding woods - and to think - I was warning them about our alligators and Bob cats!!). God bless you all and we hope you can serve here in this area again some day.