Saturday, April 9, 2011

Westview Baptist Church and The Carpenters for Christ, Opp, AL

You know the evidence that there is indeed a God in heaven (Jesus is His name), Who looks down on His creation and loves them enough to send His own to show that love and concern. Such is the case of all who come as volunteers in His name. And such is the case of these wonderful men who love to serve Him by caring for total strangers!!

So touched are they by God, they continue to come and minister in this area almost 6 years after the storm that changed our lives here in Waveland forever. And we thank Him and we thank them!

Once again, the group was able to help many families. On one house they were able to add sheeting around the perimeter of the house and to the interior walls as extra protection in case of another hurricane! With another family they were able to help with electrical work, plumbing and framing of inside walls. They also restructured a stairway for a family and cut down a damaged tree for another. Ministry comes in many forms!

The group also had a prayer team. Two wonderful men who simply wanted to share Jesus' love and pray with those who welcomed them. So many people shared afterward they were very touched and happy to have them come visit and talk/pray to show their concern for them. One elderly woman had just lost her husband this week and needed that love and prayer so desperately. She was so appreciative as it came at just the right time!

We look forward to the continuing ministry of Westview and the Carpenters for Christ to come anytime they can.